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Empowerment Bags  are reusable totes filled with hygiene and hair care products according to ethnicity to promote healthy hair and skin. The bags are donated to various group homes through our community, a handwritten note of empowerment is put in each bag, with a word to define and how that definition can be applied to their everyday life.

The primary goal of “I am you 360” is for families, children, and teens to feel good about themselves and not allow their past or current situation to define who they are.  Practical application, applied knowledge, and workshops will guide them to a mind- set of empowerment, thereby creating a vehicle where they would be able to empower someone else who is now walking in their shoes. They will be able to say “I am you” and create a movement to pay it forward and develop “Community Compassion”.

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Home of I Am You 360
Our Mission Statement: Plant seeds of hope and watch our youth grow, and become fruitful.

I am you 360 is passionate in creating awareness and community compassion. Our goal is to deposit self worth, reinvention of self, confidence, develop leadership skills, improved appearance, and family restoration. In addition, we firmly stand on the fact that hair and skin care education with foster care parents will empower not only themselves but children of all ethnicities. Therefore, empowering children to focus on their education, and discovery to their own individuality.  
I Am You 360 Board of Directors
Desiree Cook - Founder/Executive Director  
Rori Moore - Board Member  
Delia Calixte - Secretary  
Micheala Luna - Chair  
Veonicca Wesley - Board Member  
Kim Webb - Treasurer  
Twana Watson - Board Member
I Am You 360 is a 501c3 Non Profit Organization