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I Am You 360 is a 501c3 Non Profit Organization

“I am you 360” is a non for profit 501©3 organization.  Our focus is to show and build community compassion by way of giving attention and care to children in foster care, homeless teens and displaced families.   Our goal is to empower the youth, by letting them know they are worthy and that the community does care about them and their future.  If we can have a positive influence in a child’s life, we believe we can help build better adults and productive citizens, not just for Tucson, but for the world.

Our Mission: Planting seeds of hope and watching our youth grow and become fruitful.

Our Services:

Empowerment Bag:

“Empowerment Bag” contains full size personal care products, such as body wash, body lotion, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and lip balm.  Each bag is personalized with care according to ethnicity. The bag is refilled every 6 weeks, to ensure the child has what they need in order to feel clean focused on academics, improve school attendance, and overall well-being.  Each initial delivery contains a hand written note of empowerment handwritten by members of our community.


“Positive Thinking” - Introduction to optimistic thinking, team building activities, that create and transform positive energy into reality.

“Self-Esteem” - Introduction to steps to develop self-respect, confidence, personal value, and self- worth.

“Personal Care” - Education and benefits of a healthy personal hygiene routine, improve personal appearance, and clothing.

“Self-Awareness” - Self- discovery tools to develop knowledge of one’s self, personality, character, strengths, personal uniqueness, and gifts.

“Cultural Hygiene” - Education on all types of hair and skin types, recommendations of skin and hair products of all ethnicities. Goal is to improve personal appearance, and healthy personal care routine.

All participants of the Empowerment Bag program are mandated to participate in at least (1) Personal Care workshop

*****Fees may be applicable to any of the above mentioned workshops*****

To book an I am you 360 empowerment workshop or for more information please call Desiree Cook Executive Director 520-440-1335 or email iamyou360@hotmail.com or Felicia Wright Program Director  520-788-3155