There are many real lives

who have no one to comfort their tearful cries
as they walk this earth with heavy hearts sad eyes

their very young lives
only know what it takes to survive
never understanding what it means to thrive
at times they barely even feel alive
too many times been told too many lies

left unfamiliar with what it means to have real loving ties

Until one day…

A Melanin Queen
with bright real eyes

refused to ignore or to compartmentalize
her self-made deal was to be slow to criticize
because she knew she needed to prioritize
her social responsibility to always humanize
and never miss a chance to analyze

no matter the size,
take each opportunity to
sympathize and empathize
Both book wise
and street wise

with strong will and an ethical stance
she knew she had to take the chance

to get up,

stand up
and rise up
This Malenin Queen
gathered up her team
to explain her very bold dream
her meaningful words filled
the air with eloquence and grace
her message was clear
with true grit and no fear
in our mission we will persevere
because we have hearts that truly care
Near and far our voices are heard
and many emotions are stirred
it’s time to realize
there are many very real lives
filled with nothing but tearful cries
from having no real loving ties
this is why they need you by their sides
For who are you or I to deny
they deserve anything less than a

chance to fly

a chance to experience the feeling

of endless pride
For many years
they have cried many tears
and have had many fears

when will the day come
when someone, anyone
will say “you are not alone
our hearts have been won
we want you to face the sun
and have some fun
rest easy now,

because our promises to you can’t be undone

we welcome you home, hun
we welcome you home, son.”

Will that dream ever become their real true lives?
Would they ever know what it’s like to be

lovingly surprised?

Will someone wholeheartedly see them as a treasured real life prize

and help change their lives?


said that beautiful melanin Queen
with her wonderful team
determined to see
these incredible lives
dare to survive
live to thrive
dream a little dream
as it has been foreseen
soon too, they will become
A King or A Queen

Now with bright real eyes
they too will strive to make many realize
it’s always better to have loving eyes
and not be quick to criticize
or to compartmentalize
instead be swift to humanize
be book wise and street wise
always ready to analyze
so that you never miss a chance to
sympathize and empathize
For that is how we change the tide
become an inspiring guide
to find their once lost
now found self pride
be the one to help so many real lives


gone are the days they have to
survive to live
because the day has arrived

their head will be held up high as they are free to

live to thrive.thrive.thrivvvvveee