TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) – Some of Tucson’s homeless youth have been prepared to move into their new tiny homes thanks to I Am You 360, a group that serves homeless youth and their families, and those in foster care.

A real estate developer provided I Am You 360 with the space to start the housing project to help aged out foster kids and homeless young adults integrate into society. The non-profit has selected 8 of the 10 safe housing opportunities for homeless youth ages 18-22.

Founder Desiree Cook tells KOLD their goal is to move youth into housing that is fully furnished, with all basic needs provided, including a first round of groceries.

The young people are scheduled to move in by the 3rd week of August and they will participate in programs on life skills, home economics, financial literacy and homeownership.


I Am You 360 says these tiny home recipients will work, engage in secondary education, and community service.

Once tiny homes are completed and furnished, the first round of selected youth will be the first to move in, and another 10 homeless or aged out foster youth will move into additional units.

By the end of the year I Am You 360 will have safely housed 19 vulnerable youth.

Read more about what the group is doing at www.Iamyou360.org

IAM you360@gmail.com